1: The pump type is: D954-5011:
• the 5011 indicates that it is a multiple pump
• The D954 indicates that it must be 63cc at the 1st stage
• The first stage of a pump has the drive flange defined in the type plate with A1.
However, since the pump you specify: HPR18A1 RKP032SM28D1Y00 is an RKP with 32cc, it does not work anymore.
If the 2nd stage of the Tandempumpe an RKP032 would have the type key due to the throughput HPR18XXRKP032SM ...

2. Date of manufacture
We do not use the calendar week and the year, but the month and the year

3. Name plate
A type plate for an RKP-1 (1st generation) is used, but the regulation (see figure 5) is an RKP-2.

4. Adapter flange
The suction adapter is indicated with S. However, the RKP-2 has a suction adapter of type K:
HPR18A1 RKP032SM28D1Y00

5. Volume flow limiter and controller
The RKP032 appears, if the type key is otherwise correct, to have a digital control with a valve.
We call these pumps RKP-D.
HPR18A1 RKP032SM28D1Y00
The digital pump can be used to set all desired parameters, i.e. Any regulation, pressure, flow, power, ....
Can be adjusted with the valve.
Therefore, it is odd that this digital pump has a flow restrictor which is thus redundant and not required.
HPR18A1 RKP032SM28D1Y00.

6. The revisions indicated do not match the (presumed) production date.

However, we can provide you with this pump (without volume flow limitation). However, it must be created as a new pump and
Has therefore about 7 weeks delivery time.

If it is not a Tandempumpe, then you do not need an assertion and the right type key would be:
HP R 18 A1 RKP032KM28D1Z00

If the pump is the 1st stage of a surge pump, the type key is as follows:

If, on the other hand, the pump is the 2nd stage of the Tandempumpe, the type key is:
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